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Remember when we used to play the snake game on our mobile phones? Those were the good days. There were gaming consoles for strategical and high definition games, and mobile phones would just entertain us with games like Pong and Doodle. 

Over time, technology has taken over the entertainment world too. The mobile which was primarily used as a source of communication has now evolved into a have-it-all necessity. Most of my Spectrum Internet Ultra package data is now spent playing games on my mobile. 

5 PC Games to Download On Your Mobile

So, why stick to wires and couches when you can play such amazing PC games on your mobile even on the go! Here are my top picks…


Image Source: EpicGames

Fortnite is one of the most popular strategy games of all time. It is now available for your mobile phone too. The bonus good news? If you are stuck while playing this on your system, you can switch directly to your mobile phone, and that too without having to make a different account!

This game offers cross-platform compatibility. This means that if you purchase or earn an item on your PC, you can retrieve it on your mobile account too. You can play cross-platform too. You can invite and play with your friends on different systems. Another good feature is that if you are not playing with anyone, the game will automatically pair you with someone from another device to make it fair. 

Just a little caution while you play this amazing game; Don’t forget to secure your account with the two-factor authentication process. Scammers can access unsafe accounts very easily. 


Image Source: BusinessInsider

While leaving your place, this game is tough to leave, so get it for your mobile too. It is compatible with all new smartphones and devices. Although it requires a little extra work to play cross-platform, it is not impossible to make it work. For this, you will have to get the Bedrock version on your PC. This is the standard version. If all the devices are using the same version, the level becomes the same and cross-play becomes fun. 

If you run the game on your system and the message “Java edition” flashes on the screen, this means you need to get the latest version because this one is not compatible with your other devices. 

For mobile use, you will need the Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is not included in the PC version, so you have to re-buy it. 


Image Source: Twitter

If you are not into fighting games like Mabinogi Mobile and like the games that joggle your mind, you should play this one. Inspired by the famous game’s World of Warcraft characters, this is the best fantasy trading card game (TCG) that you can lay your hands on. Although, it has created some fantastic material of its own while styling it for the users. 

The basic design of the game is designed for PC and mobile phone cross-play. This means that you can create decks and play with them on your system, and continue it later on your mobile phone. All your deck creating data is saved, so you don’t have to start from point zero every time. The best thing about TCGs is that those games have a slower playing pace as compared to the fight-based games. When you are invited over by another player, they do not have the advantage of time over you. 


Image Source: SteamPowered

If Hearthstone is not the sort of game that you’d play, try playing Shadwoverse instead. It is an anime-based card game. 

This game offers so many gifts, so you can build a quite good deck while playing, without having to spend anything. You also get the option to buy multiple decks, but it is not compulsory to go for one if you don’t want to. The most amazing feature is the “one-hit knockout” (OHKO). Some cards can make you win the game with a single play. 

This is not a perfectly crafted game, but a good one if you are not into combat games much. 


Image Source: GamingCentral

Some games expand from one platform to another after being successful. This one is different. It was developed for both PC and mobile. Both versions are synced, but as it is not possible to sell both versions together, the cost is split into two editions. You have the full game when you are done buying both versions. 

The game layout is similar to Minecraft and Don’t Starve. The main character (you!) is a delivery man who is stuck on an alien planet. You then have to create the ideal living environment for yourself, fight against the wild animals. You can even collect eggs and then hatch them to have alien pets. 

BscotchID is used to save your game progress if you want to switch from phone to PC. Because of this, I can play it during my travel adventures – and also because I have enough money for such excursions thanks to the economical Spectrum Internet deals.  Which is your favorite traveling game to play on your mobile phone? Or if you are interested in any other gaming mobile app, let us know in the comments.

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