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Shout out to all gamers out of there! More precisely, newbie gamers who need to buy a gaming laptop.

Surely you need the best gaming laptop that is affordable. But it’s not just a matter of price; choosing a gaming laptop has its tricks.

It’s a bit different from laptop searches in general because gaming laptops must appear with excellent performance and graphics. Gamers will understand that, usually, a good gaming laptop at a reasonable price.

Well, before you decide to buy let’s see how to choose the cheapest and best gaming laptop!

1. Pay attention to the Role of the Processor

The first and foremost thing is to look at before purchasing a gaming laptop is the processor. Is it Intel or AMD.

Choose a processor that isn’t easily heated and more stable. Also, choose the high-speed processor, which is usually displayed in GHz units because this will speed up the performance of the laptop.

2. See VGA Chipset Series

A mistake that still often happens is that you see a large VGA memory to choose a gaming laptop. The fact is what’s a matter most on VGA or VRAM is the chipset series, not a prodigious memory.

You should be able to read the chipset series, see the generation digit and grade level or performance.

3. How large is the RAM Capacity

Random Access Memory (RAM) will affect the smooth running of the laptop when used. The larger it is, the happier you will be.

For gaming, try to buy a laptop which has a RAM above 4GB. Don’t forget to consider whether the RAM can be upgraded or not. It’s better to choose the upgrade-able RAM because it will adjust your needs later.

4. System and Storage Capacity

Every gamer must notice it. Almost all the games that can be played on laptops are quite ample storage capacity. So, about the storage media or storage in the form of hard drive also needs attention.

Choose a large enough one that can accommodate your favorite game. You can also try to choose what can be upgraded.

5. Screen Resolution and Size

The main focus when playing the game is on the screen, so you should also pay attention to the size and resolution of this screen. To be more fun and comfortable, choose the one that suits your habits. Maybe around 15.6 inch is enough.

6. Battery Life

What if while you play a game, the battery is suddenly running out fast? It sucks, huh?

It sounds troublesome if you have to charge it often. Thus, we suggest you choose the gaming laptops with a large capacity of battery–so it won’t run out quickly.

However, it can’t be avoided because gaming laptops will absorb more energy if you use it to play a game. So batteries tend to run out quickly. It’s just a matter of time.

7. Must have a Variety of Ports

Choose the best laptop with various port connectivity such as USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, and D-Sub port.

Those ports are to support gaming conveniences such as an external mouse, keyboard, and joystick. You can also link it to a bigger screen like LCD TV and monitor with HDMI port and D-Sub port.

8. The Warranty Period

If you buy a gaming laptop, talking about the warranty isn’t an embarrassing thing anymore. You do have to pay attention to it.

The warranty can save you from unwanted events. Such as sudden damage or hardware error. The more extended period it is, the better you have to choose.

Usually, the warranty period of a gaming laptop is only one year. Use it carefully and only claim if you had severe damage.

9. Price-Quality Relationship

Earlier, we talked a lot about the specifications of gaming laptops. Now, take notes on price and quality.

It’s okay if you intend to buy a cheap gaming laptop or the one that has a lower price from the market. But consider the quality, the quality will remain when the price is forgotten.

The best action about this point is you have to think again about the price range that matches the quality. Do market research and adjust with the budget you have.


To maximize your gaming hobbies and to be more comfortable, tips on choosing the best gaming laptops are a must for you to pay attention to.
While about the brand, it usually depends on taste and again depends on the specifications. Please choose according to unique specifications for gaming. Good luck!

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