Recents On Snapchat

Are you still confused about how to clear recents on Snapchat, and are you looking for a way to delete some recent records from your Snapchat account that you don’t want to keep? If so, you’re in luck because Snapchat offers a quick and easy way to remove all of your recents, including search history and conversations. How? This post shares all the details. And for more ease, below is the video for better understanding.

Listed below are steps you can follow to clear your Snapchat recents and clean the slate. Let’s begin.

How to Delete Recent History on Snapchat

Here, you’ll know how to delete someone from recents on Snapchat with a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open Snapchat and tap on “Settings” from the right corner.

Step 2: Scroll down, tap on “Account Settings,” and select the “Clear Scan History” option.

Step 3: Now, tap on the “Clear” option and remove your recent search history. 

Easy – right? This will only take you a few seconds to do so.

How to Remove Recent Conversations on Snapchat

how to delete Recent Conversations on Snapchat

There often comes a time when you want to delete a few conversations from your Snapchat because you don’t want any other person to see them, even by accident. So, in this section, we’ll teach you how to get rid of recents on Snapchat instantly, and we will guide how can you clear your recents on Snapchat with ease. 

Step 1: Open Snapchat and tap on the ghost icon. 

Step 2: Go to Settings and find “Account Actions.”

Step 3: From there, select “Clear Conversations.”

Step 4: To delete all conversations, tap “Clear All” at the top right corner, and all your problems regarding how to clear recents on Snapchat will be resolved.

Go to your Snapchat chat history; you’ll no longer see any conversations/snaps. It was that easy! So don’t worry about it, and please consider the Snapscore. Sometimes a high Snap score is a red flag for some users.

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Is there a way to Delete Old Snaps and Chats?

After deleting your recent search history and conversations, you may wonder if you can delete old chats and conversations or if Snapchat automatically deletes them. The answer is simple: Snapchat has a way of removing them automatically.

For Chats

The texts exchanged in one-on-one conversations will be deleted automatically when both users have viewed and closed the chat. You can change this setting to deleting after 24 hours or save the chat by tapping and holding onto messages. When you save the chats, they will appear with a grey background. But if you want to unsave them, press and hold on to them, and they’ll be gone. 

Snapchat also offers a shortcut to deleting chats. Tap and hold onto the message you want to delete, and then tap “Delete.” In addition, Snapchat automatically removes unopened conversations after 30 days.

For Snaps

When all recipients open snaps, Snapchat automatically removes all of them. In addition, if snaps remain unopened for 30 days, Snapchat automatically deletes them. Other than that, if Snaps are sent to a Group Chat and stay unopened for 24 hours, they are also removed. There is one thing that you can do with Instagram stories but not with Snapchat and that is to use Picuki anonymous Instagram story viewer that will allow you to see Instagram stories and edit them.

How to clear Snapchat recents on MacOS and Windows

how to Remove Recent Conversations on Snapchat

To run the Snapchat app on Windows, use an emulator. 

The process will be the same. Go to Profile > Settings > Clear recent history, lens, chat, and selfies > click “clear.”

On the other hand, if your emulator starts to act out, you can turn to your smartphone, clear the recents, and log in via emulator. Was that too hard? 


We hope the information listed above was enough to delete the recent list on Snapchat easily. The steps described above are pretty simple; hence, anyone can follow them. However, deleted conversations cannot be recovered. So, ensure you clear the right conversations and keep snapping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some people in your recent on Snapchat?

It happens because either you have added them as a friend or they added you back as a friend. But you can easily remove someone from recent on Snapchat.

Can I hide stuff on Snapchat?

You may see the “Clear conversation” option along with an “X” next to the usernames. You can click on that “X” button to hide and clear your recents on Snapchat.

Why has a user disappeared from my recent on Snapchat?

If someone has blocked you, then they will disappear from your list. They also will not appear in your recent on Snapchat.

Can you clear your recents on Snapchat from paste date?

Yes, you can clear your recents on Snapchat from any date.

Is it possible to clear the recent list on Snapchat?

Yes, it’s possible and easy to clear recent on Snapchat.

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