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Advertising is something that most businesses tend to focus their time and resource on, after all, it is the way to reach the customers and also increase sales. This is the reason why slowly the avenues for advertising are growing rapidly. A few years back the ads were promoted only on newspapers and televisions. But now with the rise of various new ways to promote, the advertising industry is growing at great speeds and changing the routes.

One such very popular advertising method is to post ads on elevators though vinyl, posters, and even elevator advertising screens. And why not! it is a place that gets a lot of exposure by a large number of people using the lift daily. It is new and out of box way of advertising and is highly advantageous for a business. 

Some of the major benefits of lift ads are:


If one looks at a lift ad, they will notice that it is way less expensive than a newspaper ad or a television ad. One can choose various types of lift ads like digital displays, lift vinyl wraps, etc. according to the budget. this will still be less than the conventional advertising styles and formats. Therefore it can be said that elevator ads are one of the best options for smaller businesses as they tend to have a lesser budget to spend. 


One of the best things about the elevator ads is that you can be all creative with it. elevators are used by many people a day, and thus creative elevator ads will garner more attention towards the brand. These days the ad agencies are going out of their way to make the ads more compelling and fun. Not only the elevator ads will be more visible but it also will help in making the building aesthetics more prominent. 


Lift ads are all about continuous exposure as there are hundreds of people using the elevator daily. Other ad formats are not visible to a person every time or every other day just like newspapers or hoardings. But elevators ads are visible 24×7 throughout the week, and people observe these ads daily. These leave a mark on the buyer’s mind and psyche with every passing day.


Lift ads are all micro-targeting the exact type of buyers. In another type of ads, there is no fixing of the exact audience who will see the advertisement. However, en lift ads the business and agency can fix who the ad needs to target. Fixed neighbourhoods, buildings, offices, and apartments can be targeted if the product that is to be sold is of that nature. this will streamline the buyers and will help in exposing the products to the maximum number of potential buyers.

Easy Editing

Ike mentioned above the lift ads are quite inexpensive if compared with other advertisements. Therefore these ads can be modified and edited if need be without spending a lot of money. Also, there is an option for digital advertising displays which can be edited every hour even if need be. This will keep the ads fresh and new and will help in attracting more customers.

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