Live Caption in chrome

We all know Google chrome is one of the famous and secure web browsers among other options. It has built-in security features and accessibility features that make online surfing secure. Do you know what live captions are? Well, live captions are a handy accessibility feature that comes along with the google chrome browser. It’s your choice to enable or disable the live caption on chrome by making sudden choices in the browser’s settings. Here in this blog, we will share the procedure of enabling and disabling live caption in google chrome. Take a look

Take a Quick overview of live Captions

People who don’t know about quick captions here, we have brought a quick overview on this. You might have seen the real-time captions generated over the youtube videos. Well, these captions are very much useful in certain ways. Captions are displayed in the browser when we play any audio or video file on any website. These captions are the same. It’s easy for everyone to automatically detect the audio and video content that is played on the website. When you surf social media websites, live captions will be automatically generated in the little dialogue box at the bottom of every screen. If you people don’t like these captions, you can enable or disable these captions.

Enable Chrome Live Captions

It was initially added in chrome version 85, and now with version 91 and onwards, it is one of the stable features. You can enable the chrome live captions easily whenever you want. 

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Select the settings menu from the list
  • Scroll down to the advanced section and click to expand
  • Toggle the live caption switch to enable it.
    Enable Caption
  • Now you are done with this

Disable Live Caption in Chrome

  • Open the settings from the main menu
  • In the settings tab, click the Accessibility Section on left
  • Turn off the toggle switch to disable the live captions

Disable Caption

How will it Work For YouTube?

To see either the captions are enabled or disabled, just open youtube, and you will see a little overlay window at the bottom that displays the real-time captions of content. It’s totally up to you either you want to change the style and size of the window to see the chrome’s accessibility settings. Live captions are useful for those people who have been suffering from hearing difficulties. Individuals can read the subtitles of audio or video content that is played on the website. People who got annoyed with captions over the screen can easily disable the captions in chrome’s settings. 

How To Customize the Live Caption Font and Background?

Here to follow the below steps to check the customization of live caption font and background.

  • Launch Google Chrome browser
  • Select the settings menu from the list
  • Click on the Advanced section and click to expand
  • Scroll down the Accessibility section and click Captions Preferences

How To Change the Caption of the Background?

We know it’s a fantastic thing to bring some colors in the background. You can customize the fonts as well, as you can change the caption background as well. It will help to make color contrast more appealing on screen.

Caption Background

How to Enable or Disable Live Captions from Global Media Controls?

  • While playing video in chrome, click on the Global Media controls toolbar button
  • Under the list of media sessions, click on the Live Captions option.
  • It will close the overlay window either it is visible or re-enabled.

People who are not happy with a live caption or find it helpful can permanently disable this. A drawback seen with live generated captions is that when you forward or backward the video, the whole captions would be distorted and generate random lines. So enable or disable this feature, but few issues need to be addressed immediately. It still needs to be polished by a web browser, and once it gets done, you would see this as a handy feature of any web browser. Enjoy this feature and share it with others to make video streaming easier for them.

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