WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk Usage in Windows 10

With Windows 10, a new Windows service called Windows Update Medic Service (WaasMedic.exe) was introduced. The main reason to launch this service was to fix the Update feature of Windows and prevent it from crashing. But if you encounter the problem “WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk” then it may be due to high disk usage or storage. So do not worry, you are at the right place to find solutions to this problem.

What is WaasMedic.exe?

The word WaasMedic.exe is actually an acronym for Windows Update Medic Service. It allows to run and update the operating system smoothly without causing any issues in Windows 10. It is also essential to fix the problems related to updates to your PC’s Windows.

WaasMedic.exe helps Windows to update even if you mistakenly disable some components of the update feature or it gets disabled due to other programs on the system. However, if you face issues such as “WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk”, we have the right methods for you here.

What To Do For WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk Issue?

Here are methods you can use to resolve WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk Issue, these are also easy to follow:

  • Disable or Uninstall Antivirus Program
  • Run The Drive Cleanup Tool
  • Pause Windows updates for a few days
  • Turn On DEP
  • Temporarily disable WaasMedic.exe

Here are some details regarding each of these points in more depth.

Disable Or Uninstall Antivirus Program

At times, the antivirus program running on your PC conflicts with WaasMedic.exe. As a result, the error WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk occurs. This issue is related to high disk usage. The antivirus program finds WaasMedic Agent suspicious and keeps blocking it. It is better to disable the software and if the problem sustains, uninstall antivirus software.

  • From the keyboard, press the Windows key + R to open a dialog box
  • In the dialog box, write “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter
  • It will open “Programs and Features” so find the antivirus software installed on your PC
  • Once you locate it, right-click on it and uninstall it from your PC

You need to restart your PC and verify if the problem of WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk has been resolved

Run The Drive Cleanup Tool

The issue of WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk can occur due to a lack of space in the hard drive of your PC. In such a scenario, you can run the drive cleanup tool, which will help clean user file history, temporary files, and other unnecessary files saved on your PC.

  • Go to File Explorer > Right Click on C drive
  • Click on “Properties”
  • In the new window that appeared on the screen, click on “Disk Cleanup” located under the “General” tab
  • Choose the files by checking the boxes which you want to remove and click on OK

It will help resolve the high disk storage issue in your windows.

Pause Windows Updates For A Few Days

WaasMedic.exe is responsible for the smooth and uninterrupted updating of Windows and its components. But if you are experiencing a high disk usage issue, you need to pause the updates for Windows. This way you should be able to solve the problem with WaasMedic.exe.

  • Open Setting icons and go to Update and Security
  • Click on Windows Update and choose the option “Pause update for 7 days”

By doing so, the update will be paused for seven days and the issue of high disk usage will be resolved. You can also resume the updates by clicking on the “Resume” option.

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Turn On DEP

To resolve the issue of WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk, you can turn on DEP (Data Execution Prevention). If there is any virus or malware in your windows, it will lead to a high disk issue. Thus, DEP will prevent such threats and problems. Follow the below steps to turn on DEP:

  • From the Taskbar, go to the search bar
  • Search for “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows”
  • Double click on it to run
  • Click on “Data Execution Prevention” in the “Performance Options” window
  • Now click on “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select”
  • You can then click on “Add” and look for WaasMedic.exe
  • Once located, double-click on it

You need to restart your PC and the issue of high disk usage will be resolved.

Temporarily Disable Waasmedic.Exe

You can disable the Waasmedic.exe feature to resolve the issue related to high disk storage. You can do this through the registry editor. However, you need to be especially careful with it or the system may crash. Thus, follow this method of disabling WaasMedic only if other methods do not prove to be helpful. 

  • Open the Registry Editor
  • Find the “Start” option in the right pane to edit
  • Here you need to change the value to 4 of the DWORD file
  • Also, you need to set the permission to System Deny

If it seems complicated, you can use other programs such as Windows Update Blocker to disable WaasMedic.exe. 


The error ‘WaasMedic Agent Exe High Disk’ slows down the performance of your PC and it starts to lag a lot.  The high CPU usage issue of WaasMedic.exe can be ensured now with the above methods. However, remember that you need to restart your computer each time you follow any of the above methods. Thus, in order not to lose any data, save all the files before restarting your PC.

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