Laptop Batteries

A trend of non-removable laptop batteries has been spread like an infection from one laptop to another. The trend was started by Apple through its MacBook and now Asus ZenBook, Chrome books, and many others are available with non-removable batteries.  

The major question, however, is that how can you take good care of a non-removable battery to get the most of it? Perhaps we have found such questions – therefore, we’ve shared a number of tips here on this page that can help you increase the lifespan of your laptop or Ultrabook Battery with ease.  

Consider Charge & Use Cycles 

In order to keep the non-removable batteries healthy and maximum, it’s important for us to know that when to use a laptop by battery power or when to use a laptop directly from the main source of electricity. Well, it can be done anytime but it’s mandatory to know that the heat in the battery will increase when charging. Moreover, the room temperature we charge a laptop in is also hot. So, if a laptop battery is full, unplug the charging cable with immediate effects, so that it doesn’t overcharge.  

Note Battery Temperature 

Temperature is essential for maintaining the top condition of your laptop battery. Aside from extra cold temperature, high temperature is also a terrifying specter for laptop batteries. However, the warm temperature is even scarier. You must also keep the room and laptop temperature in the correct conditions. Stabilize your room temperature and be sure it doesn’t get high. Moreover, avoid using pillows and mattresses as they may play a vital role in increasing the temperature.  

Don’t Let the Battery Reach 0% 

Another important factor you should consider to maintain the health of the laptop battery is that always try to put it on charge before it reaches 0%. It’s because all electronic devices with batteries inside come with a defined lifetime – for example, a laptop with its battery. Based on reports shared by multiple well-recognized sources, a battery used before the power runs out will definitely have a shorter lifetime as compared to the charged battery until it runs out of power.  

Avoid Using While Charging 

You can easily avoid the process of Replacement Adapter if don’t use it while charging as it leaves a negative impact on the overall health of a battery. Using a laptop while charging is also a bad habit of many users worldwide. When charged completely, the use of a laptop can make it harder to plant the battery. If done constantly, it’s not impossible to easily damage the elements on the laptop battery. Batteries for laptops are not expected to be charged during use. 


It is significant if you have access to the exact electrical energy as the laptop battery you dispose of. A greater or lower voltage has a damaging impact on the internal components of your computer or, in some cases, even burns it at the very least. 


The wattage characteristic regulates the energy required by the laptop. The battery life is longer when the laptop has a greater capacity of a watt-hour. 

mAh (Milliamperes)

This determines the quantity of power of a battery pack through voltage and amperes scores. To have a battery life of about 3 to 4 years, you need to obtain a 4000 mAh power battery. 


Laptop batteries are expensive and thus be careful while purchasing a replacement battery. Always purchase batteries with a warranty of at least 1 year. Avoid buying a battery that offers a warranty of less than 3 months. 

Charging tips: 

When you purchase a new laptop or a new replacement battery, always charge it prior to using it. Never keep the AC adapter plugged in when using it is in intensive use. It may cause chemical reactions, which decrease the capacity of the battery to hold more charges. 

Laptop’s Battery Age Matters 

At last, many users ask the same questions “how long a good-condition battery can last?”. It’s too hard to answer that question but without a doubt, this question sometimes doesn’t need to be answered. It’s because every brand has its own claims for laptop battery life which are different but not similar among the others. However, most technological activists demonstrate that around 300-500 charging cycles performed in top condition are possible for laptop batteries.  

This indicates a laptop battery life of approx. 2 years if you have any problem or issue with it. It is also a very healthy maximum of 3 years before his condition fell drastically.   

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