IP Address management
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IP address management is referred to as IPAM. This procedure aids in the planning and management of IP addresses throughout an entire network for network administrators.

Since each device on a network needs an IP address, it’s crucial to carefully arrange how IP addresses are used in order to make the best use of a limited amount of digital resources. Therefore, effective IP management is crucial for any size of network. In this article we will discuss about IPAM and will also provide IPAM solution comparison

What is an IP Address Management Tool?

Any network administration programme that enables you to keep track of your inventory of usable addresses is an IP address management solution. Additionally, DNS and DHCP configuration, access to data and reports on the IP address space, and extra features linked to IP space management can all be done with the aid of IPAM tools.

Benefits of IPAM tools

Software tools for IPAM are essential for streamlining IP address administration. They make it simple for network administrators to issue IP addresses to devices on a network and instantly find available and unclaimed IP addresses.

Among the advantages in particular:

You can see your network in its entirety when all of your IP addresses are collected in one location.

IP address space management can be automated to significantly cut down on admin time and speed up service for users.

Regularly viewing your IP data enables you to spot unusual behaviour and adds another layer of network security.

IPAM increases operational effectiveness, freeing up administrative time and brainpower for other crucial tasks.

The IPAM software you choose as a system administrator will rely on your requirements, the setup of your system, and the quantity of IP addresses it contains. Here are some of the most widely used answers.

IP Address Manager BlueCat

One of the most sophisticated and accessible IPAM solutions available is BlueCat, which combines IP address, DNS, and DHCP data in a single location.

The tool’s main selling features are broad reporting capabilities and support for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware. Additionally, BlueCat provides worldwide control, automation, planning, and visibility of network IP addresses.

IP Address Manager for SolarWinds

SolarWinds IP address manager software includes real-time DHCP and DNS tracking and administration services in addition to all the essential IP management functions you want.

Automatic IP address tracking and a sophisticated reporting system that lets you create custom alerts are both included in this solution.

Windows Server 2016 IPAM System

Since 2012, Microsoft has offered an integrated IPAM solution, with the 2016 update being the most recent.

The same planning, managing, and tracking features are included in this solution. It is, however, specially designed for the IP address space architecture of massive enterprise networks.

More IP addresses can be served using the Windows Server 2016 IPAM’s directory management and IP purging features.

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