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Is your Mac working at a sluggish pace? The first thing is to check whether you are running low on space. In general, it is recommended that you should have 10% of your overall free space on your Mac for the most optimal function. If you’re down to the last few GB, then it’s time to do some housework and get some room back for yourself.

As a Mac person, though, you will see a significant explanation of why your Mac is full of duplicated images that are contained in multiple files with different names. Mac can instantly generate identical copies for any reason because of its device feature when you upload images to your Mac or when you take a screenshot. These similar or duplicated images take up lots of space on your Mac day after day, which can cost you more money to acquire a larger disc.

Since Mac may not have an integrated feature that allows you to find and remove duplicates from Mac, you ought to check for copies on the whole Mac hard drive and manually delete these duplicates from your Mac.

However, if you do it one after another, identifying and removing them can be tedious, so in this post, we will showcase to you more comfortable ways to clean your device and get rid of duplicate photos.

How do we get duplicate photos on our Mac?

In most cases, these would be unintended downloads (caused twice by clicking the link), attachments to mail and notes, or a variety of other possibilities. Duplicates are going to get caught one way after another unless you are an exceptionally meticulous Mac user.

What are the steps to find and remove duplicates from Mac?

There are various ways to delete duplicate photos from Mac like manually or by using any third-party software applications. So, let us have a glance at them.

Manual Ways to get rid of duplicate photos from Mac 

Here is the way to use Smart Folders in the Finder to organize the images. You are required to take the steps below. 

  • Enable the Browser of the Finder 
  • Go to Apple Menu and then click on the File option. Afterwards, click on the icon by the name New Smart Folder.
  • In the top right corner, press the Plus button. 
  • Select the Parameter for Search the name and type in that afterwards search for the images
  • Select the Image Format like JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BPM as per the preference of photos you want to delete.
  • View and choose the images that are duplicate or identical, or even you can select multiple photos by pressing a command key.
  • Click the right cursor of your mouse and move the selected duplicates to the trash bin to get rid of duplicate photos.

Or after deleting all the redundant files, you can use iCloud to save all of your photos and then re-upload them to your Mac. 

1. On your Mac, launch a browser 

2. Log in to iCloud.com via your Apple ID 

3. Then go to the Images tab and click the All Photos tab. 

4. Press and hold the Command key while looking at the photo icons and start clicking on identical or very similar images one by one. 

5. Click the delete button at the top when you’re done with the task of removing duplicates from Mac.

But, sometimes it is too annoying to delete duplicate photos from your Mac manually. So, what are the other ways to get rid of some images? Let us have a quick look at such possible ways.

Remove Duplicate from Mac by using OS X Photos. 

This solution is for you if: 

In your Photos app, you have several or a large number of images. You want to automatically and securely uninstall duplicates. You are searching for a simple, fast, and automated way for duplicates to be detected and deleted.

Using Best Third-Party Applications to get rid of duplicate photos

The best way to delete duplicates from Mac by using third party software for Mac. This powerful software can also identify and delete duplicate photos from Mac and other copies from internal and external folders/drives, in addition to eliminating duplicates from OS X Photos (iPhoto, Music, and iTunes).

Secure and effective to use: When removing duplicates, Apple alerts users of such duplicate file finders that can harm the OS X Images library. It’s real that in this way, specific applications work. For example, an app would uninstall images directly from the Photos Collection, the photo library’s secret Masters Folder, which may destroy the library and remove valuable, relevant data. The app uses the mechanics of images, designed with the privacy of your pictures and data in mind.

Remove Duplicate Photos from Mac

These are all the methods that I wanted to discuss with you in this article. You can follow these ways to search and delete identical or duplicate images on the Mac. Removing such images is an incredibly effective way to free up more space on the hard drive of your Mac. Plus, since you just keep the original ones, it gets easier to deal through the whole photo archive. Apple has started replacing HDDs with SSDs and to cut the cost the size of the storage has been decreased drastically here. If users still want high capacity drives then either they will have to look for external drives or will have to pay more to get big SSDs installed. If you still have more data even after deleting all the duplicates then I would recommend you to move all your media files to cloud storage drive. If you are not professionally involved with that media and don’t need it on a daily basis then you also won’t have to access them everyday. This will also make space in the drive and also makes your media available to you at any place and at all the times.

Hope it helps..

Thanks for reading!

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