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Who doesn’t like an iPhone? Almost everyone likes to own an iPhone and that too when the latest model is released. There have been updates in iOS every time a new model comes on the market. From the time of the release of iOS 13 on September 19, 2019, there have been five iOS 13 updates pushed out within a month. This means that although there was a release of new updates on iOS 13, the issues always came with them. There have been some manufacturing defaults that Apple is trying to make better every day. This article is a summary of common issues on iOS 13 that iPhone users are facing since its release.

Third-party Keyboard Bugs

It has been reported by the users that there are bugs in iOS 13. These bugs might cause third-party keyboard apps to gain full access to your smartphone even without your approval. It is like an uninvited virus which may cause problems in your smartphone later.

Weak Signals

Various users all around the world have complained of having poor WiFi reception or weak signal after installing iOS 13 in their smartphones.

App Crash

It has also been reported that some apps in your smartphone crash after you install iOS 13 updates. For example, the Health app and the Apple Maps start quitting randomly right after you install the update on your phone. There have also been some complaints from iOS 13 users that the photo app just crashes and closes, showing the home screen when scrolling fast through the photos,  transferring photos or finding the old photos.

Call drops

There have been widespread reports that iOS 13 is causing calls to drop within a minute when they are placed. It is causing great stress to the users.

Mail App Issues

Reports have been received from all around that the mail apps are not updating or they keep crashing. Users are unable to sync them on iPhone or iPad. Some also say that the mail app is not opening and even if it opens, it fails to send messages. There have been complaints that the mail notification does not appear in the notification bar. Some people even said that it does not allow new accounts to be created. There have also been some sender issues.

Battery Drain

The battery drain in iOS 13 is not a new problem. It’s an old problem that never went away. iPhone users often complain of battery drain. But various iOS 13 users have noticed that the battery life of their phones has decreased after updating to Apple’s latest mobile operating system. Battery life issues have been a perennial problem when it comes to iOS upgrades. It has been reported worldwide that whenever iOS users updated their smartphones, there has been an issue of battery drainage.
Some iOS 13 users noticed that the battery life seems degraded after that. upgrade. It was noticed that maybe it is because the new OS must cycle through various major system-level operations to be in harmony with your device. That is why it drains so fast.

Siri Makes Calls On Speakerphone By Default

Siri is a very interesting feature of an iPhone and the users tend to like it a lot. It has been reported that in iOS 13 when you ask Siri to make a phone call, the call is placed with the speakerphone on, every time by default. It has been a major issue for the users as the privacy gets invaded and turning the speaker off again and again does irritate the users.

Contacts Lost

Some iPhone users complained that their contacts app keeps malfunctioning on iOS 13. They said that the contacts have names but no content in them, while others just show up as empty contacts, which is causing great distress.

Mobile Data Disabled

iPhone users have reported that after the installation of iOS 13 updates, the mobile cellular service is lost, and some even reported losing Wi-Fi. The users said that we are unable to make phone calls or send normal text messages from the phones. Apple has suggested various solutions but it has been an issue and they are trying to resolve it.
These are all the issues that have been found in iOS 13 and Apple is trying to resolve these issues every day that is why various installations have been introduced since it came out.

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