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Do you know what is the integrated battery means? of A laptop with a built-in or integrated battery means it’s not easy to replace and change and users need to send them to the manufacturer to get it replaced or repaired. A number of laptop manufacturers have attached the batteries to the case nearly doubled their laptop’s battery life.

The first and foremost product we saw with an integrated battery was MacBook from Apple and now so many laptops have arrived with built-in batteries. Here on this page, we will discuss everything related to inbuilt battery laptops alongside multiple pros and cons of using the laptop without an external battery.

Pros of Built-in Laptop Batteries

pros of built-in laptop batteries

Fewer Damage Chances

The batteries that cannot be removed are exceptionally good for laptops’ overall health. They are some components of the internal battery for a laptop, especially the battery pins, which can be damaged while changing the removable batteries on a laptop. However, no considerations exist in a non-removable battery, as it cannot frequently be changed. The only drawback is that an expert is needed or the laptop needs to be sent to the manufacturer back for battery replacement.

Slimmer Unibody Design

As compared to removable batteries, laptops with integrated batteries are quite thinner and lighter. They help different laptop manufacturers to reduce their product’s weight in a meaningful way. The new laptops, moreover, are also becoming more compact. The laptop’s design is becoming slimmer more and more day by day but stylish too. The internal laptop battery components use less space. It assists brands in producing compact laptops.

Extra Life

Built-in batteries of nowadays laptops are said to promise more juice as compared to removable batteries. The lifespan, moreover, of these integrated batteries is more than any other type of battery. However, you’ll need to use the original AC Adapter or a charger that comes alongside the machine. Aside from that, the battery of these laptops is screened and improved in quality, and the battery life is also slightly longer. On average, this type of battery can easily give 5 years of lifespan.

Cons of Built-in Laptop Batteries

cons of built-in laptop batteries

Impossible to Carry Extra Battery

One of the major disadvantages of a non-removable battery is that it’s totally impossible for a user to carry another battery for emergency situations. This disadvantage is particularly serious in such areas or places where there is a long lack of electricity, especially charging points.

For instance, multiple long-distance flights, war zones, and more can be considered. When a laptop has a removable battery, however, the users can bring a similar battery to avoid these difficult situations.

Replacement is Expensive

Another complaint most users reported on different forums regarding non-removable batteries is that complexity takes place when it comes to replacing the battery. The substitution is certainly very difficult for this type of battery and can only be done by a specialist. Moreover, it’s a comparatively expensive process as well. Only in an authenticated service center, it can be replaced and it must be replaced there by the company’s brand-new battery.

The Bottom Line

The world of computers or laptops is getting developed on a daily basis. Most of the recent portable laptops offered by all the well-recognized brands are equipped with fixed batteries for a stylish, and lightweight product. Although it has a few inconveniences, it’s the perfect way to boost battery protection and make laptops more portable.

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