Make Money by Watching Videos

Do you like watching videos online? Be it a cat video or funny clip, it sure is a great way to get entertained. I am about to reveal something that will catch the attention of most people. Did you know you can earn money by watching videos? Several companies require people to watch videos for them. If you have spare time and you could use some money, this is a perfect gig!

To get started, you need access to legit sites. I have made it easier for you by listing reliable sites that allow users to earn money watching videos:

1: Swagbucks Video

Swagbucks Video

It is a leading rewards site that has paid out $300 million so far. Against each video, you earn points. Once the points have reached a certain balance, you can convert them into gift cards from big retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

You can also get paid in cash but for that, a PayPal account is required. The videos belong to travel, entertainment, and a few other genres. Feel free to pick any category that interests you. Swagbucks also lets its subscribers earn by completing online surveys. It is free to sign up and get started with.

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2: InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a place to get paid by watching videos. Their videos are short. Other ways of making money include completing surveys, web searching, playing online games, and signing up for their promotional offers.

They offer their subscribers an unusual way to earn – by opening a sponsored email from their company. It has given $400 million in rewards to its subscribers.

At the time of signing up, you get $5 in your account. The user gets paid in cash.

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3: MyPoints


MyPoints lets you watch videos on desktop or mobile and get paid in return. Other ways of earning include taking surveys, playing games, and printing coupons. In exchange of each task, you earn points. If you choose MyPoints to earn money by watching videos, you can withdraw your first payment when your earnings reach $25. It isn’t difficult to reach this threshold given the variety of ways to earn.

The type of videos you are required to watch include movie previews, app trailers, and some other options. The rewards can also earn you gift cards from Best Buy, Amazon, Bath and Body Works, and American Airlines. If you are not interested in receiving a gift card, you may choose to get paid in cash through your PayPal account.

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4: Fusion Cash


Fusion Cash pays when you complete offers. When you sign up, they give a $5 bonus. The website is great at paying for completing offers.

The site does not charge anything to sign up. They have a credit card and non-credit card offers. The credit card offer lets you sign for 10 days or a free month’s trial. To earn from Fusion Cash, you will have to come with a good strategy to find compelling offers. If you are getting $30 by paying $5, the offer isn’t so bad, right?

You must be careful about accepting the offers. Do not mix the non-credit card and credit card offers. The only way to make money is by taking offers that pay you more than what you are spending. It’s recommended to complete those offers that let you make at least $8 to $10 per hour.

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5: Grab Points


Grab points is also a legit site to earn money by watching. They have been in business since 2014 and have paid over $5 million in cash and gifts.

The videos belong to various categories like fashion, lifestyle, tech, and more. Choose any video of your interest. You don’t only get paid by watching videos, but by completing surveys and reward offers.

With a survey, it is possible to redeem early if you have accumulated enough points. Depending on the length of the survey, you will earn more. Another way to earn is via reward offers which appear in the dashboard. You have to sign up for them and complete them. Offers include visiting a website, downloading an app, etc. You are free to accept the ones that interest you.

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Final Words

If you have made up your mind to earn cash by watching videos, good for you. It’s important to have a reliable connection to watch as many videos as you can in one go. I have been looking at Optimum internet prices to switch to high-speed Internet myself.

To make the most of this opportunity, take only those offers that pay well. Do not pay anything at the time of signing up. Ideally, choose those sites that have free sign-up. Lastly, remember that you won’t earn a lot of money and get rich but you will earn enough to pay your bills or save some money.

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