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When it comes to the debate on which one is better; SEO or social media, the answer may honestly be neither. As many marketing professionals would agree, they both serve an important part to a successful marketing plan and they each have their own specific strengths and weaknesses.

But many experts believe that SEO has the least amount of weaknesses compared to social media, and based on data, appears to be 1000% more effective than Social media.

So if you are a digital marketing professional, a business owner, or someone just looking to grow your blog then this is the article for you.

First, let’s have a quick refresher on which each one is and why they are important. 

If you already know them well, then skip to the section where we tell you how to utilize both of them together to grow your website traffic .

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is a marketing strategy and science that involves improving and modifying a website so that it can be found easier on Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

This can be done through creating engaging and helpful blog post on your website, through partnerships with other sites, to gain backlinks, or through improving the speed and performance of your website.

Overall SEO helps to increase the visibility of a website and content, so it can be found more quickly by potential customers.

For more information on how to learn SEO as a beginner, visit SEO Expert; Raj Clark’s blog Bouncerank.

Now, let’s explore social media.

What is Social media

Social media can be defined as a platform where users can interact and share content with one another. 

It is essentially an online space for connecting and building relationships with others.

The most popular social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok and YouTube and mostly social media influencers uses these.  

Social media plays an important role in the marketing process because it allows businesses to connect with their customers on a personal level, and seem more human.

Gone are the days of a business being just a company out there to make money, consumers now have a voice and they are using social media to have their say.

Social media platforms are also often places where customers choose to air out their grievances with a business, and with online reviews becoming more popular, having a social media presence is now more important than ever.

To prevent negative press coverage from happening.

Using SEO and Social Media together

Now that you have a handle on what Social media and SEO are, let’s explore how they work together.

For example:

If you are a clothing store, you may choose to invest in Social media by posting photos on your Instagram account of your new clothing line.

Doing this can help potential customers to get a feel for your brand, style and personality.

While you are posting pictures on Instagram, you can also create blog posts on your website highlighting the different ways customers can take care of the clothing or how to wear it in different ways.

This can help you build more authority and trust with your customers and give them more information about your brand.

Another way you could use the two together is by using Social media to share your website content with your followers and customers. 

This can help you build brand awareness and develop relationships with your followers but also get your followers to visit your website and share your content with their friends.

Again helping you to build more trust with them.

Now before you get started implementing either, we think it is important to know which one is best to start with for your business.

Based on the introduction you may already be predicting that SEO is our recommendation, at least initially, but here’s why:

Prioritize SEO over Social media; initially

According to Wikipedia’s page on Search engine optimization, Google accounts for a majority of online searches, in fact on the page, it states that Google accounted for 75% of all searches in 2003. 

A rather dated statistic, but unless you live under a rock, then we are sure you know Google is still very much a popular not just Search engine, but website in general.

So with that being said, it may be worth your time to invest in a good SEO strategy, and it could start with something as simple as making sure all your web pages have a simple title and description, and your website is verified by Google Search console.

Now we do want to preface that SEO is a high return on investment, but it does take time, effort, expertise, and strategy to achieve compounding growth.

But do not make the mistake that most businesses or professionals make by neglecting SEO, only to find that they have been beaten to the punch by their competitors.

In general, we recommend spending a good 6 – 12 months creating and executing a solid SEO strategy, but while you are waiting for results, focus on social media.

Here’s what marketing professional Raj Clark had to say about it:

One thing I liked to do is, take the posts that I just wrote for my blog, and then repurpose them for my social media pages. 

For instance, if you are creating content for a dentist, on how to prevent cavities, you can then turn that into a video and post it on YouTube, instagram, and TikTok.

Doing this will help you save time and make sure that your content is being seen by the right people.

-Raj Clark, Bounce Rank


With consumers spending more and more time on the internet, it is more important than ever to have a marketing plan that takes advantage of all of the different channels available.

But to have a successful marketing plan, you have to create a strong foundation centered on SEO and then use social media to amplify your content marketing efforts on Google.

We hope this post helped you out, if it did feel free to share around to others that may benefit from this information too!

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