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Social media is an extremely important aspect of marketing in the digital age. Businesses can learn much from social media listening. It is a practice that can unlock powerful marketing strategies as well as improve reputation management. 

NetBase has become one of the top providers of social analytics. It can help businesses incorporate social media monitoring into a proactive social media marketing routine. NetBase strives to provide its clients with a comprehensive picture of the client’s social presence and to also shore up areas that need more attention.

What is Social Media Listening?

Social media monitoring or listening is the practice of tracking mentions on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In the digital age, it is more common for individuals to use social media to bestow praise or criticism on businesses. A company can use social media mentions to gauge public opinion. 

In the analog days word-of-mouth advertising was prized by businesses. Marketing in this manner is cost-effective, and buyers are more apt to trust other buyers who have had a good experience. Likewise, customers who spread a bad review can have a negative impact. Social media is often the best way to identify the buzz surrounding a company.

The Importance of Mentions on Social Media

In the digital era of marketing, the speed at which customers communicate with one another has increased exponentially. With social media, it is possible for a satisfied customer to reach hundreds of people in mere minutes. A customer that feels the need to rant always has an audience on social media platforms. They have become a virtual soapbox where anyone can hold forth on any subject.

NetBase seeks to educate businesses on the importance of social media listening. When done properly, listening to social media mentions can help businesses identify their strengths and weaknesses. The business then has the opportunity to market their successes to targeted groups of individuals while addressing failures on a personal level. 

Using Information Gleaned from Social Media Channels

NetBase looks to offer practical applications of social media listening. The information that a company can glean from social media channels can be used in a number of different ways. 

A company can track social media mentions to determine which demographic is important to its bottom line. On the other side of the coin, social media listening can also reveal which groups are not being reached. Marketing campaigns can then be created that will appeal to the appropriate groups and deliver maximum exposure for a company’s product or service.

Social media listening is also useful in new product campaigns. Businesses may be able to get a feel for what customers think about a new product. That information can then be used to improve product offerings in the future.  In times past this type of information was something a business would pay handsomely to obtain. With the help of companies like NetBase, a business is able to get reasonably-priced services that can pay huge returns in the creation of successful marketing campaigns.

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