prevent pocket dialing

With the rising use of technology, almost everyone owns a smartphone in today’s world. It is not uncommon to keep the phones in the pocket and with this pocket dialling is getting very common. Here are some tips to avoid pocket dialling.

Lock your phone

Locking the phone is important as it is one of the greatest reasons for pocket dialling. With the advancement and upgrade in the models of smartphones, there have been auto-lock settings that automatically turn off the screen if someone is not using it for some time. in both iPhone and Android, the screen turns off time differs. normally it ranges from 15 to 30 seconds in Android and iPhone, respectively.

Some people avoid setting the auto-lock and that is because they read up a lot on their phones which makes it difficult for them to press the power button again and again while reading. But not setting up auto-lock might embarrass you in front of so many people because of the pocket dialling.

So to avoid it, it is always recommended that you set up the auto-lock.

Explained below are some amazing methods that can help you avoid pocket dialling.

Here’s how you can change the auto-lock or sleep setting on your iPhone or Android smartphone:

  1. First, you have to open Settings.
  2. then you have to tap on Display or Display & Brightness. (whatever the option is).
  3. After that, you have to tap Sleep or Auto-Lock or Screen timeout (your phone may call it something slightly different).
  4. Now you just have to choose the shortest interval you feel comfortable with.

And your job is done here. Doing this, not only saves you from pocket dialling but it also saves the battery of your smartphone.

Google has introduced a new face unlock feature using a combination of radar and infrared sensors.

Lock your phone with a passcode, fingerprint or Face ID

Setting a security lock on your phone is very important. if your phone doesn’t have one, you should do it now! Not securing your phone isn’t safe as one has a lot of sensitive information on the phone and in case of any mishap, anyone can misuse the information against you. Locking your phone with a passcode, fingerprint or Facial ID saves you from pocket dialling and you can be completely safe. explained below are the ways to set a lock on your smartphone to avoid butt dialling.

  1. Start with opening Settings on your phone
  2. Then you have to tap Security and lock screen or Touch ID & Passcode or Face ID & Passcode. (whatever you think is suitable)
  3. If you already have a passcode on your smartphone, you may be asked to enter it.
  4. Now set your phone to require a passcode, fingerprint or facial ID to unlock it and keep it safe.

Sometimes the digital assistant can be summoned from the lock screen and it might result in accidental calls without you knowing it.

Your digital assistant needs a break

Whether you use Siri on iPhone or google assistant on Android, it’s quite possible that it butt-dials occasionally. Now, this is an issue, and in order to avoid it, you have to set your assistant to always listen for “Hey, Siri” or “OK, Google’’ or you can summon either assistant with a button while the screen is locked. This might make it exponentially low for the assistant to autodial.

Explained below are ways to restrict Siri/ Google assistant to only respond when your phone is unlocked:

  1. First, you have to open Settings.
  2. Then you have to Tap Siri & Search.
  3. Then you have to set it to Listen for “Hey Siri” turn the toggle off.
  4. Then you have to Allow Siri when Locked to turn the toggle off.

These are the ways to restrict your Google Assistant to not dial when your Android phone is unlocked:

  1. First, you have to launch Google Assistant.
  2. then you have to tap the inbox icon in the lower-left corner to open the Assistant settings.
  3. then you have to tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  4. Then tap Assistant on the top menu bar.
  5. Now you have to scroll down to the Assistant devices section and tap on the Phone.
  6. Then Next to Access with Voice Match you have to turn the toggle off.
  7. Then Next to Lock screen personal results, you have to turn the toggle off.

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