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The smartphone industry has been booming for the basketball of years now and there have been several innovations. Ranging from fingerprint sensors and facial recognition we now have display fingerprint readers and folding screens as well. Technology is rapidly progressing every day and one of the newest trends to hit the market is the under-display camera. Companies have been trying this technology and it seems like the ultimate tech dream. For most of the major tech companies having a phone that is all screen is a major achievement and all of them are striving hard for this. For years, the smaller bezels and bigger screen have been running strong now when it will become even more attractive there will be a camera hiding another display. However, there are some questions that the customers have in mind about how it will change the future of smartphones. Let us have a look at all of those things in this article.

The under-display camera trend

ZTE has released a new smartphone in its catalog that has an under-display camera. It was all screening, and the camera was not visible at all. It was housed inside the screen that made it the first mass-produced smartphone with an under-display technology. This technology is different and advanced. However, in-display fingerprint sensors also use a camera but you cannot capture pictures with it. But the under-display camera is a whole new game-changer, and it is believed to change the trend altogether where smartphones will not have cameras on them but inside them.

The wizardry and its faults

No wonder this under-display camera is a great technological revolution but there are results as well. The screen will have a smaller batch of weirdly colored pixels at the top which will denote that it is the camera. With the screen on top of a camera, however, it will become really difficult to capture good images and the pictures will always have low quality then the phones do not have a camera outside them. Even if the pixel size of the screen were reduced the image quality would not get any better.

Is it hard to repair?

The under-display camera is not constructed very differently from the usual screens. However, it will still need a cell phone repair expert who will be able to understand the dynamics of a screen that comes with the camera installed underneath it. The repairer will have to understand that if the camera does not pull bold the mechanical parts and the construction will be different than the normal ones. keeping all these things in you should buy your phone. With all of this explained, it is a welcome sign for the future of under-display camera technology that its repair is not difficult at all. In fact, it is done like normal smartphones. This shows that the technology we are going to be familiar with in some years will not end up hampering the consumers as well as the repair technicians.

The competition

ZTE Has already rushed into the market with the offering and the competition is getting fierce every day. Both major manufacturing companies OPPO and Xiaomi have already prototyped designs for under-display camera phones. With all of this going on soon many companies will end up making their offerings a random marketplace will be filled with options. There is a possibility that Apple would most likely not follow this innovation for a long time, but this technology has also a middle name in the market. No one can say anything for sure because of the attention it has been catching. When mass production from a company like ZTE was called off, it meant that various other companies were right around the corner.


Technology has its own boon and bane. if something comes up in the market it generates a challenge for the other companies and people start following the trend blindly. However, it is also a good thing that every day the experts are looking and trying for more in order to improve the current lifestyle and add more innovation to it.


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