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In this era, where technology has become the hour of need, it is difficult for anyone to deny the use of technology. This use of technology is in the form of mobile phones, GPS maps, laptops, or any other digital or intelligent device. Unfortunately, this use is not only helping humans but also causing e-waste to affect the environment. To have a sustainable culture, manufacturers should focus on ways to reduce e-waste. Following are some ways to reduce e-waste:

How to Manage E-Waste?

1. Evaluate your Usage

E-waste can be reduced or minimized depending on the usage of technology devices. Reevaluate the usage. Before purchasing another gadget, consider whether you require a more recent model. The electronics industry is now straightforward to upgrade and throw away. Every few months, people are offered new smartphone models and upgrade plans. Try to find those multi-purpose gadgets that can provide you with multiple functions in a single device. This will help minimize the use of extra gadgets.

2. Data Storage

Try to figure out intelligent ways to store your data. For example, avoid using big servers or heavy-duty devices for professional or personal data storage. Instead, use drives or online resources to save your data and the essential information to avoid using different devices and help reduce e-waste. When you use the cloud, you store and manage data on a network of servers operated by a third party over the internet.

3. Gadgets Handling

Since we advocate for device circularity and believe that electronics should be used as long as possible to offset carbon emissions from manufacturing, this advice shouldn’t come as a surprise. Increase the life of your gadgets by proper handling. Proper maintenance can be a significant contribution to electric devices’ productivity. Keep a case for your devices, and clean them regularly. Don’t overcharge your devices; proper servicing and handling will play a vital role in reducing e-waste.

4. Buy Eco-friendly devices

E-waste can not be quickly resolved or removed. It would be best if you got over it sooner or later. Try buying eco-friendly devices. I prefer purchasing those electronic devices with an Energy Star label and are certified by EPAT Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. The product’s sustainability and other green credentials can be checked with ease using this tool. A new alternative is the Eco Rating, which ranks mobile phones based on their durability, repairability, recycling potential, environmental impact, and resource efficiency.

Other than this, go for recycling of products. No matter where you live, learn about your local recycling options and share them with your family and neighbors. For instance, if you are a United States resident, the Environmental Protection Agency website offers details on opportunities for recycling electronics in your area.

5. Sell your electronic devices

If any of your devices is free and not in use, I prefer selling that device. Old devices lose their market value when new upgraded appliances come into the market. Check out our comparison of offer prices from various recyclers if you have an unwanted tablet, smartwatch, or mobile phone on hand and want to sell it. Help your friends and family do the same; it’s a quick and sustainable way to eliminate old devices.

6. Donate your e-devices

Donate anything you don’t need so that someone else can appreciate it. Sort your gadgets and isolate those gadgets which are functional. Then, donate the electronic devices spare at your end to any social welfare, local school, or non-governmental organization.

Because the amount is typically close to the asset’s value, donations are excellent tax deductions if sold. Additionally, donations will make others grow and learn about the technology.

7. Learn as much as you can

Properly disposing of most electronic devices is essential because they often contain harmful components. Learn for yourself, your family, and your friends. We should learn more about the dangers of e-waste from these chemicals.

8. Organize All of Your Electronics

Many of us have trouble keeping our drawers organized, but it makes sense to declutter them from time to time to ensure you’re using them or recycle them and avoid buying things you already have.

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