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Working out nowadays has become both harder and easier at the same time. With the advent of wearable trackers and such, which contain a number of different sensors such as a heart rate sensor, a blood oxygen sensor, and much more to we can take our workouts to the next level. Not only that, by collecting the data and sending it to a paired Android device, they allow us to calculate more sophisticated metrics such as the number of calories burned during a workout, or other data such as the quality of our sleep.

On the other hand, people are finding it harder and harder to work out, mostly due to the demands of their professional work. A lot of these wearable devices are aimed to help such people squeeze in a workout while on the go, or by splitting and spreading out the daily physical activity over the course of the day, just to make it easier for them.

All of these devices are in turn connected to an android device so that the data collected can be processed, saved, and must develop to provide specific insights into the user’s activity. They come in two types – the ones who track your fitness, or the second type used to provide fitness plans and information about common and obscure exercises to the user.

Below we have curated a selection of five android fitness apps that we believe are the user’s best resource and aid in their drive for fitness. The list consists of a healthy mixture of the two kinds of fitness apps so that the reader can have the choice of selecting the one type they prefer and need.

So, let’s read our best pics for the fitness app you need.

Top 5 Android Fitness Apps:

1. FitNotes

FitNotes is a simple workout app, which allows you to track your exercise, no matter what it may be. The list of exercises it supports includes running, other types of cardio, strength or resistance training, Tabata and much more. The app includes a number of exercise plans by default, and it can be customized according to what you may desire. Not only that, it comes with the feature to plan workouts according to the in-built calendar, but also allows you to back up your fitness data, or to restore it. This allows you to save and export the data, or even restore it to a new device, especially if you upgrade your android device with a newer version, or are just performing a clean install again due to any reason.

This app is highly recommended for those who already have a fitness regimen they follow and only require the tool to manage their stats and other data. The free version has all the features this app has to offer, and the premium version costing $4.99 is just created as a means to allow users to support the developer if they like the app.

2. Leap Fitness Home Workout

A popular android app developer whose fitness apps are quite popular on the android app store – Google Play. Some of the best apps in their collection of apps are apps that are designed to target and develop specific muscle groups, such as the abs, chest, arms and much more.

A small number of their apps are free, but others may cost its users a small fee of $2.99 or more, depending on the app.

The free apps contain ads, which might be annoying for some users, but we found that the ads are quite discreet and in no way will be a distraction or hindrance to your exercise. While none of the apps are amazing, they perform their functions reliably well, without costing a lot. And that is what makes them a good fitness app, and we would highly recommend their Home Workout app.

3. MyFitnessPal

The MyFitnessPal Android app is a complete, one-stop mobile solution for your fitness app needs. It is one of the most comprehensive and reliable fitness apps we have found online, which not only allows you to track your workout sessions, but also helps you out further by providing workout regimens, helping you count your daily caloric intake, and can collaborate and connect with a huge number of fitness trackers and other fitness apps.

Basically, it allows you to micromanage almost all aspects of your workout for a more detailed and accurate metric of exercise efficacy.

The basic app is for use and contains a number of useful features that can be used to track your workout. If you do need or want to go for the premium option, we would suggest you opt for the yearly subscription for $49.99, which costs less by a considerate amount when compared to the monthly subscription of $9.99.

4. Runtastic Apps

Runtastic series of apps are owned by Adidas, and they cover a wide variety of exercise and fitness types. As the names suggest, the primary app is used mainly to track and collect data about exercises that contain running, jogging, or sprinting. The other apps included in the app series are apps used to track biking, pedometer app and many more apps that are targeted to exercises designed to develop specific body areas such as the abs, the glutes, and more.

The app is quite good at keeping track of a number of your biological signals as well as collects the data to allow you to get insights about the efficiency of your workouts.

Some of the apps in the Runtastic collection are free, a number of them rely on the freemium and premium models to give their users the best experience necessary.

Therefore, it is easy to say that the Runtastic app collection is a reliable and good collection of fitness apps available for Android today.

5. YouTube

YouTube may seem like an odd choice on this, but the fact of the matter is that YouTube is the second kind of fitness app which allows you to find and learn information about a variety of exercises, exercise regimens, dieting and nutrition tips and tricks as well as creating entire meal plans to complement specific workouts. There are a number of YouTube channels dedicated to different types of exercises, such as channels devoted to yoga, channels focused on HIIT, channels that teach bodyweight exercises and much more. Not only that, there are a number of dieticians and other licensed fitness experts who have channels teaching how to diet properly, how to create meal plans that allow you to gain the best results from the exercise regimen you follow, as well as what kinds of workout supplements you may require for specific workout goals. There are also other YouTubers who solely create videos to teach you how to perform specific exercises, a critical need for beginners and those just starting to work out and needing to know how to perform a specific portion of their workout regimen.

So, all in all, a pretty versatile app that can be a benefit to those who are looking to start working out, or those looking to workout at home.

To conclude, there is a large number of fitness apps out there, fulfilling the needs of thousands of people out there. Searching for the best fitness app for you is not a hard task, but for newcomers or just casual users, it might be too much work, which is why we created this guide.

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